Issue 1 is no longer available online. Please check back in July 2017 for Issue 2.

Introducing a brand new series of fine letterpress
prints by a selection of our favourite illustrators
north of the forty-ninth. Why? Because your walls
need more love from Canada! 

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In this issue, our illustrators bring you their particularly Canadian assemblages, each one a charming and original work of Canadiana in its own right. Each print is letterpressed onto thick cover stock in two inks, with hot-stamped embellishments in silver foil. The set was lovingly produced and printed by Everlovin’ Press.

we love our illustrators

Special thanks to the amazing illustrators for this issue. We’re simply tickled pink (or Red 032U)!

Katy Dockrill
Toronto, Ontario

Katy Dockrill is a Toronto illustrator with a passion for line. She brings the simplest drawings to life with her fresh, cheerful and playfully detailed brush-and-ink work, a style her international and local clients expect and love. Her lettering and illustrations have been featured in recognizable brands and publications including LCBO, Ecojot and Reader’s Digest.

Tom Froese
Yarrow, British Columbia

Tom is an illustrator in the rural village of Yarrow, BC. His clients include Monocle, Harvard Business Review and Wired UK. His first illustrated book will launch in September 2015 by Laurence King Publishing. He regularly collaborates with Everlovin’ Press to create new letterpress products like this one



Andrew Kolb
Kitchener, Ontario

Andrew Kolb studied graphic design at Conestoga College (where he now teaches) and at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. Andrew has been featured in numerous galleries, exhibits, and respected publications. His debut children’s picture book, Edmund Unravels, was very recently published by Nancy Paulsen Books.


Jeannie Phan
Toronto, Ontario

Jeannie Phan is a full-time freelance illustrator who specializes in conceptual editorial work. Originally hailing from the prairies of Canada, she is now based in a studio in Toronto’s West End. She has illustrated for such top-tier editorial clients as the New York Times, National Post and The Walrus.

Ben Weeks
Toronto, Ontario

Ben Weeks is a Toronto-based illustrator. His work feels spontaneous and utterly confident, exuding joy and a playful sensibility. All the while, Ben can tackle any issue, from silly to serious, with the utmost sensitivity. Ben has worked for such cultural heavyweights as Pentagram, Bruce Mau, and the New York Times.


About the Creators

The Canadianist is a project by Vincent Perez and Tom Froese. They've been producing
quality letterpress goods since 2013. 

Vincent Perez

Based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada—at the plum-centre between those major metropoli of Toronto and Montréal—Everlovin’ Press is a designer, printer and stationer of fine letterpress products. Its sole proprietor and pressman, Vincent Perez, lately oversaw NSCAD University’s famed Dawson Printshop, a decades-old teaching print shop for the book arts and one of the largest collections of moveable type in the country. After his term at the Dawson, Vincent went on to found Everlovin’ Press as a boutique printing outfit specializing in readymade and custom work for an ever-growing audience of letterpress enthusiasts.

Tom Froese

Tom Froese is a designer and illustrator in Yarrow, BC. His work can be seen in numerous publications including Monocle, Harvard Business Review and The Walrus, as well as in various national and international retail establishments. Tom's first published work, Stickyscapes: New York will launch early in 2016.Tom works with local and international agencies, individuals and businesses on every imaginable kind of project. He works out of an old converted hog barn in the middle of nowhere, and regularly collaborates with Vincent Perez on original letterpress projects like this one.