Greetings From Canada is a limited edition run of fine letterpress postcards featuring the work of 10 Canadian artists, illustrators and designers. The first project of its kind in the country, it aims to elevate the art of letterpress printing while showcasing a selection of some of the best creative talent Canada has to offer.

About Volume 1

In this inaugural volume, ten Canadian artists offer their vision of Canada's perennially elusive national identity. The set is both quirky and beautiful, an eclectic mix of images drawing from the obvious and obscure.  The complete edition was printed on 2 mid-century presses at Everlovin' Press in Kingston, Ontario. Each 2-colour card is made with thick, archival quality, 100% cotton board.

Volume 1 Artists

A huge thanks to the amazing designers and illustrators behind our first volume!

Riley Cran
Vancouver, BC

Toronto, ON

Tom Froese
Vancouver, BC

Benjamin Nelson
Kingston, ON

Kate O’Connor
Toronto / Los Angeles

Rory O’Sullivan
Vancouver, BC

Jacqui Oakley
Toronto, ON


Genevieve Simms
Edmonton, AB

Studio Tipi
Edmonton, AB

Yo Rodeo
Halifax, NS

About the Creators

Greetings From Canada is a project by Vincent Perez and Tom Froese. They met at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where both discovered the joy and beauty of letterpress.

Vincent Perez

Based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada—at the plum-centre between those major metropoli of Toronto and Montréal—Everlovin’ Press is a designer, printer and stationer of fine letterpress products. Its sole proprietor and pressman, Vincent Perez, lately oversaw NSCAD University’s famed Dawson Printshop, a decades-old teaching print shop for the book arts and one of the largest collections of moveable type in the country. After his term at the Dawson, Vincent went on to found Everlovin’ Press as a boutique printing outfit specializing in readymade and custom work for an ever-growing audience of letterpress enthusiasts.

Tom Froese

Tom Froese is a Vancouver-based illustrator and designer. Born and raised near Toronto, he moved to Halifax to study design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. After graduating in 2009, he relocated to BC, where he made fast friends in the Vancouver creative community. As an illustrator and designer, Tom's aesthetic is often informed by the qualities and constraints of low-fi reproduction techniques such as letterpress. Tom works with local and international agencies, individuals and businesses on projects of all kinds. His studio is in Vancouver’s Railtown district.